At least twice a year, we present a new collection.
The collections are inspired by our family’s roots in the Nordic nature and our love for colours and expressions of the East. We love to fuse these two expressions into our very own Nordal universe. A universe that helps you to create a home with personality.


We always work with our instinct, heart and reflection. If a detail, colour or surface doesn’t feel right, we move in a different direction. Even though the trend dictates something else.

Nordal gives you aesthetic design that makes a difference in your everyday life. And that is why functionality, personality and creativity always form the foundation of our collections.

Signe Nordal Madsen is creative director and product developer at Nordal. To her, working on new collections is always an ongoing process that never stops. It’s a natural part of her everyday life.

“I find details everywhere. When I walk through the forest. When I spot a new combination of colours or touch an interesting surface with my hands. This is how I find inspiration for new collections. Through a mix of details and intuition.”