Family Nordal

We are a family-owned business started in 1991 by husband and wife Annie and Ingolf Nordal. Signe Nordal Madsen, creative director and product developer, and Mads Nordal Petersen, CEO and sales manager have been co-owners and a natural part of the daily operations almost since the beginning. Youngest brother, Emil Nordal has entered the sales department in 2014. It is a natural thing that Emil, as a part of the family, is participating in decisions at some areas despite the fact that he joined the company last year.

Our father, Ingolf, fell in love with India and its many options. It all began with a series of beautiful, old furniture which we imported and sold. He discovered that there were many people who shared his joy of authentic and colorful furniture. 

When we, Signe and Mads, entered the scene, we naturally wanted to add a new, younger feel to the many collections. Slowly but surely we have initialized the design of a wide range of furniture and decor - our very own. Everything is created in collaboration with a number of talented designers. Together, we keep our fingers on the pulse, and in collaboration with the entire family we work hard to keep the established Nordal DNA central to all that we do - from the design of our exhibition stands to our employees and not least to our very popular website.

Today Nordal employs more than 30 people and our products are distributed over large parts of Europe and in the United States.